” I found Shana to be very informative and helpful with the latest fashion trends, and advising me with my personal style. Shana has great knowledge when it comes to accessory tips. Together we discovered my personal clothing style, enabling me to dress for my body shape. With her useful advice we discovered colours that compliment my hair and skin tone and her friendly and exuberent personality made it a fun and exciting time for me.” – Tammy Cross, Business Owner.

“Shana has an eye for what suits a person’s shape, colouring and personality. She encouraged me to try on clothes that I would not normally have chosen for myself but was pleasantly surprised by the way they complimented me. Others have noticed the change too. It’s great to own pieces that others look at with envy! I have a wardrobe I can be proud of now.” – Karen Waters, School Teacher.

“In January this year, I was about to re-enter the teaching profession and was needing to revamp my wardrobe from ultra casual to a more professional working wardrobe. Shana was the answer to this dilemma. She really put me at ease with her professionalism and confidence in her ideas on how to sort out what needed to stay in the wardrobe and what needed to go! She showed me how I could mix and match my existing items to get a look that suited me. I was delighted with the structure she gave to my wardrobe and the arrangement in the cupboards which allows for ease of use and expands my choice of clothing. My husband was delighted that I could actually use a lot of my existing clothes to create a professional look for work without having to go out and spend a fortune! Shana has creative ideas and simple solutions for adding style to your look. “- Kathryn Bolton, School Teacher.

“When Shana James came to my house to sort out my wardrobe,  we first went through all 3 of my separate cupboards and arranged everything together in terms office wear, evening dresses and day wear.  I tried different items on that I was not sure suited me or even fitted me and made 3 separate piles, the maybes, store aways and the give aways.  That was great as I found I had jeans that didn’t suit me and hadn’t worn in years! Shana taught me that me that if I have fewer pairs that complimented me, why hang onto a pair that makes me look bigger!!! Words of Wisdom. Two hours later, my whole wardrobe had been reorganised and colour coded light to dark. I didn’t realise the impact of having Shana in to help until the next day when I found my business suit. It was right there!!! I was going out for drinks that night and had so much to choose from. Now I can find everything so easily. The clutter is gone and only things I wear are at hand. It’s the  best thing I have ever done to save time and get organised. She gives lots of style tips and advice on what items go well together. What a fun morning, not a chore at all and I love my  wardrobe now. Thanks Shana.”                                                                    – Elaine Miller,  Business Owner