Celebrate love in Style – Valentines Day 2012

“The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Whether you will be indulging in decadent chocolate with your significant other or sipping champagne on a girls night out, deciding what to wear for Valentines Day does not need to be a stressful experience.
Try some of these great ideas to look and feel sensational and make it an evening to remember!

Sweet and Sassy
So if you want to spend your evening together in complete ease, be yourself and wear something simple and stylish. Look feminine with your outfit and relive the admiration of that first date once again.

Lady in Love
Wearing a red dress is not the only way to be festive on Valentines Day. Try wearing a dress embellished in lace for a romantic and sophisticated look. Or wear a dress in your significant others favourite colour. Too add summer appeal, loosely pin back hair with a gorgeous flower clip.

Jazzed up Jeans
Sure, dresses seem to be the outfit of choice for a Valentines date, but if you are a bit more of an edgy gal, you can always opt for something a little more unconventional. After all, no matter how hot the dress, you won’t feel sexy if you are uncomfortable in it. Take a great pair of skinny jeans to new Valentines day heights by styling them with some sharp and sexy pieces, such as eye catching heels and a sequined top. Keep accessories minimal, for example a chunky bracelet and understated earrings will turns heads without going overboard. You want to get noticed for all the right reasons!

Revamped LBD (Little Black Dress)
You don’t have to go out and buy a brand new dress for dinner. You can give your go-to- little black dress a new lease on life by adding a few Valentines – Centric accessories. A chic red belt will give your dress a punch of romantic colour or vamp it up with a sexy pair of red shoes. A few heart shaped accessories like a sexy clutch in red, black, silver or gold can also turn a basic black outfit into a ready for love romantic!

Rocking Red
A sexy red dress is the quintessential Valentines outfit, especially if you are going to dine at a fine restaurant. This classic colour definately makes a bold, sexy statement. Dresses that show off the shoulders or a long floaty dress are also a worthy alternative. These dresses can be teamed with heels or elegant sandals depending on whether you are going for a formal or casual look. If you are wearing open toe shoes, remember to book that summer pedicure and step out with confidence.

Flirty Fragrance
Ladies, this is the final touch. When Marilyn Monroe was asked “Where should a woman wear her perfume? She replied, “In all the places she would like to be kissed”!!!